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Bike Station - Santa Cruz Co.
3555 Clares St, Suite T
Capitola CA 95010
*Right next to Jamba Juice
(831) 226-5050
Mon - Fri: 11am - 6pm
Sat: 10am - 5pm   Sun: Closed
America's Best Bike Shop - 2016

Who We Are

The girls of Bike Station Aptos

Established in 2004 we are Santa Cruz County’s only woman-owned bicycle shop.

Owned by Joanne Thompson and Dr. Anne - Marie Jackson, Bike Station Santa Cruz caters to cyclists of all levels and disciplines. The shop is the reflection of Joanne’s passion for all things cycling and her commitment to the community and women’s cycling. Joanne has been riding and racing bicycles since 1984. She has won races in all disciplines, road, team triathlon, time trial and mountain bike. She also won the state championship road race in 2010.

The shop is supported by an amazing staff; Zach Black, Jeff Hoover, Johnny Mullane, Domenique Montoya and Hank the flat coated retriever.

Cycling can seem complicated and a bike shop can be an intimidating place. Our aim is to make you comfortable, on your bike and in our shop. No question is too silly, and we are here to help. Whether you are thinking about a new bike or your bike is in need of some TLC or you just want to check out the latest cycling gear, stop in and say hello!

You will be glad you did!

Meet the Bike Station Santa Cruz Staff

Hank the shop dog

Hank: boss, greeter, shop dog and beggar of lunches

Any problems, you come to me. I’ll fix it. ‘nuf said.

Joanne: owner, ex racer, fit specialist, cyclist extraordinaire

As you can see, I’ve been messing with bikes pretty much since I could walk. Tinkering, riding, geeking out on racing and racers……and it ain’t over yet by any means. This shop and bikes are my true passion, in every way – it isn’t just a job, or a business to me. I put my blood, sweat, and tears into every aspect of Bike Station Santa Cruz. I don’t feel I’ve done my job unless I’ve made a difference in your cycling life. There isn’t anything I enjoy more than a big smile on a kid’s face (a kid of any age!) who gets a new bike, or being able to fit someone who gave up riding and came back telling me they were able to ride again because they were comfortable and injury-free, or having someone come in asking for an obscure part thinking we won’t have it but we do. I’m not a person to toot my own horn, so talking about my accomplishments is hard for me – but it’s important to know that I practice what I preach, and I’ve got the education and experience to back it up. I have raced bikes on and off since 1984, I won the Northern California District Road Race Masters Championships in my age group in 2010; I am Serotta fit certified, trained on the Retul system, Fit Kit, and a smattering of other approaches to bike fit; I am a certified personal trainer and I make it a point to address all aspects of training with my customers, including strength and flexibility training as well as eating and exercise programs. To wrap up, there isn’t much about bikes or cycling – or even life, for that matter – that I’m not happy to weigh in on because I might know something about it. 

Especially if you want to ride your bike somewhere exotic in the world, as I have! My vision for Bike Station Santa Cruz is that it would be your friendly neighborhood shop, a place to hang out and chat, swap war stories, and know you’re getting the best service in town and the coolest products in the cycling industry. Cheers!

Anne Marie

Anne Marie: not-so-silent partner, devoted commuter

I have been involved in Bike Station Santa Cruz since its conception and birth (fitting metaphor, as I’m an OB-GYN by day). While you won’t see my face in the shop all that often, I work with the rest of the staff to keep it humming.

Whether riding in the forest or on county roads, riding to work, or doing errands on two wheels, I find myself in the saddle pretty much every day. I am so proud of what Bike Station Aptos and its staff provide to the community – a local business that’s about building relationships – and I’m so proud to be a part of it.


Jeff: master mechanic, frame builder, educator, encyclopedia of all things steel and cable actuated

I’m Jeff and I’m not really writing this bio, because I am much too humble to do that sort of thing. But ask me anything – really, ANYTHING – and I will give you the answer.

I’ve done everything, I’ve been everywhere, and I had more hair.


Johnny: jack of all trades, will race for food or fun, mountain biking guru

Enthusiast of life, really – that’s me. I will greet you with a smile when you walk in, and ask you about your last ride – or your next one. I’ll show you the bike I’m riding currently (guaranteed not to be the bike I was riding last week), and the one I’m dreaming of next.

I know a lot about road bikes and especially mountain bikes, but I’m most interested to hear what you like to do and how you like to ride so that I can help you pick out just the right ride for you.

You’ll know me by my tattoos, of which I am very proud, and my unflappable grin and goofy laugh. Oh! And I jingle when I walk.

Since I mastered growing a moustache, my next goal is a legitimate mullet.


Sarah: turning wrenches for 20 yrs and turning the pedals over for about 35 years

I crash a little bit less now than when I first started riding, but have been known to still bring a bit of the mountain bike trail home with me and on me from time to time. 

During my time in the bike industry, I've worked for Trek Bicycles in Wisconsin, raced professionally (ahhh... the good ol days, back when I was fast...)  

I've had a blast- crashed my mountain bike a lot, pedalled a lot of miles on the road on the trail, and on several bike tours across the US.  Even though my race days are done, I still try to commute by bike every day. I've been stoked to see a lot of people fall in love with biking and I've seen the rad ways bikes have influenced so many lives - including my own!

The places you go and the things that you'll see and the people you meet on a bike are some of the best things in life!

Domenique –…aka...Dom, Dommie, Dad, Silverback, Grandpa

Sales guy who likes to get his hands dirty, handle bar stress tester, and excellent listener.

Printing…yes printing… was how I made a living but I’m a guy who loves bikes, fixing bikes, riding bikes, talking about bikes, listening to others talk about bikes.  

When the opportunity arose for me to join the Bike Station Santa Cruz team, how could I say no?  I’m the newest member of the team, and possibly the slowest, but I love seeing customers ride off on a bike that is just right for them with a huge smile on their face.

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